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soft vibes X humans 4 reefs tee
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H4R X Soft Vibes tee

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We love the vibrant colors on this design, just like the colors of all corals should be!
Sadly this scenario is not the most common anymore, we find more and more coral reefs colorless and with a gloomy vibe all around.
This tee is designed by the master illustrator Soft vibes.


This tee is created in 'Serigraphy'; this is an artistic technique based on stenciling, this technique is hand-made. Each color is applied layer by layer by hand, this technique makes each tee unique, and thus has more value.

The fabric we use is 100% combed cotton, which is nice, soft, and fresh, most important no micro-plastic fibers are released into the ocean with this fabric. We wanted to stay away from fabrics like polyester (plastic), recycled PET (plastic), and Rayon (deforestation).

The main reasons are:

  • The microplastic fibers that polyester and recycled PET release with each wash end up eventually in the ocean, are completely unperceptive by the human eye, and exactly because of this is very damaging to marine life.
  • The highly toxic and polluting production and deforestation that is associated with Rayon.

The inks used on each tee are 100% water-based, meaning there aren't any heavy metals or petroleum derivatives that are harmful to the planet and us humans, creating a very fresh and environmentally friendly shirt.

Washing recommendations: This is a custom hand-made shirt, a little work of art you will be acquiring, remember to turn the shirt inside out and machine wash cold with a gentle cycle.