Soft Vibes | Collaboration Artist

                                                 soft vibes collaboration artist

Ricardo Fortiz aka Soft Vibes, is a Mexican talent that is originally from Puebla. He has a marketing agency called Mermelada de Ideas. When he came down to the Mayan Riviera to try out the Caribbean life, Soft vibes was born.

The essence of this brand is the sense of community, empathy, friendship and respect for all living beings in this planet. For Soft vibes the main objective in life is mutual care and support. 

Soft Vibes style is fresh and colorful. He has a way to bring life to the object of his designs, with lustrous and radiant colors and textures. He has a very unique style, that charms and inspire people to connect with his powerful lines.

Living in the Mexican Caribbean allowed Soft vibes to truly connect and value the magnificent natural diversity that Mexico has to offer. That's why he aims to evoke and transmit raw emotions through his art, (illustration, photography and designs), but specially his main goal is to help create awareness on the delicate balance of nature and how we can all protect and preserve it.

"That's why collaborating with HUMANS 4 REEFS is a true privilege, helping in conservation tasks and coral restoration was possible to a great woman in my life and life partner Martha Reza, who was the engine that motivated to collaborate with my art in this amazing project!"

If you want to check out more work of this talented illustrator, go ahead and click on the icon below, you will absolutely love it!