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H4R Tee

H4R Tee

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HUMANS 4 REEFS Edition Tee


This is our classic logo merch.

Is a simple yet powerful design.

We want everyone to be and feel part of this movement we are all creating together as humans. This tee sends the message that we all can help, you don't have to be a marine biologist, or a scuba diver, or even live near the coast or beach.  

Everyone has the power to help.

For example, a great way for you to help is by changing your eating and consumerism habits.

With so many scientific studies available to research, we all know now that the meat and dairy industry generates the most greenhouse emissions, the same emissions that are suffocating our oceans and killing our reefs by raising the water temperatures and acidifying our seas.

You can help by changing those consumerism habits on single-use plastics, by using our own toppers for food, a water bottle, and all of those day-to-day basic items that pollute so much. We live in a great moment in life that there are so many options to do an easy transition into a more sustainable way of life.

This classic tee will help everyone to feel part of this group of humans that are doing everything on their end to preserve our planet.

How do you ask?

By using this tee proudly, you will raise interest in people that might not know how they can help coral reefs. This is where you will have an opportunity to share the different ways we all as humans can help to take care of our oceans and reefs.

This tee is designed by our talented friend and designer/photography wizard Aleks Ol.

Fabric is 100% organic combed cotton which is nice, soft, most important no pesticides or chemicals are used to cultivate this cotton and no microplastic fibers are released into the ocean with this fabric; Plus the ink is water-based, meaning there aren't any heavy metals or petroleum derivatives that are harmful to the planet and us humans, creating a cool eco-friendly shirt.

With your purchase,  you won't be only acquiring a cool and unique tee that is environmentally friendly but you will be supporting directly coral restoration in the Mayan Riviera via our partner program CCRRP.

Make sure to check out our Collaborators page to learn more about the creatives behind these designs.