Aleks Ol. | Collaboration Artist


                                            aleks ol

Aleks is the genius behind many of our beautifully mind-blowing designs. He is a talented Mexican designer and a master of photography/films.

We've got the honor to meet Aleks many many years ago and work with him in different audiovisual projects. For us, he is one of the most talented and down to earth humans we've ever known; His creativity and kindness knows no boundaries.

When we settle on the vision of the message we wanted to transmit and communicate with our designs, there wasn't a doubt that we wanted Aleks involved.

"His work speaks by itself, is classic yet modern"

He has a magnificent eye for beautiful aesthetics, and although he is very on demand with different amazing clients along the Mayan Riviera and Tulum, when we reached out to him, he said yes in a heartbeat!

We feel very grateful to have him as an artist collaborating with our mission of creating awareness on coral reefs and our oceans health.

If you haven't seen Aleks work, make yourself a favour and check out his work!

Follow him in social media and check out his website for more.