5 Reasons why coral reefs are important for us humans


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A lot of experts, call coral reefs the rainforest of the sea...These are the lungs and filter of our planet, and we are racing them to extinct. The human race is racing as well.

Humans need healthy coral reefs because, they: 

- Generate around 50-85% of the air humans breathe, you like breathing right?

- Are an important food source for the people who live near reefs, you like high protein food correct?

- Generate jobs and business through tourism, we all need to work am I right?

- Are used in medicines for humans, we all benefit from this massively.

- Protect us humans acting as natural barriers against storm events like hurricanes and even tsunamis. 

 As you can see, we need to start giving more importance on how we can all as humans impact less on our planet and oceans,  and help coral reefs become healthier, so they survive pass 2050.

We are racing extinction humans...

See you at our next post, we will be sharing some insights on coral bleaching.

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        Imagen: HUMANS 4 REEFS

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