Coral Reef Restoration Projects

We are no marine biologists, but we love corals! 
And we want to restore them with your help, and with the support of a group of biologists/ocean warriors. 

That's why we've partnered with Cozumel Coral Reef Restoration Program A.C to continue learning about Coral restoration.

The head of this program is Dr. German Mendez, an amazing human/marine biologist in Riviera Maya.

He has been restoring corals since 2013 through that program, and through his passion for corals and the ocean he has teach us all about taking care of coral reefs.

Our objectives:

1. To collaborate with weekly cleanups of restoration/nurseries areas and fragmentation pickups.

2. Help expand the current nurseries and restoration areas.

3. To help marine biologists in the coral spawning procedures every year.

4. Participate with marine biologists on micro-fragmentation and bio-rock projects in Cozumel Island.

5. Create new nurseries /restoration areas in Riviera Maya.


Help us restore corals reefs!