KIDS Coral Heart

We took our classic coral heart design and printed it in different sizes and color combinations for kids.

Kids will be able to rock the classic HUMANS 4 REEFS black tee, and we added a special baby blue tee, on this last one you will be able to choose between two different combinations of water-based inks (white and black ), which looks insanely beautiful!

We love corals so much and, we want to share this love for the reefs with the younger generations. Think about it this way, a little human that knows how important coral reefs are will acquire a deeper sense of connection with our oceans, marine life, and our blue planet at a very young age, becoming an adult that will have the conservation seed and will share it with all of the people they know, helping continue the awareness side of conservation.

What kind of planet do you want to leave to the kids in your life? Son, daughter, niece, grandchildren, etc? That generation will be the one that will have to face a planet with very serious challenges.

Raising awareness of our reefs' health and supporting coral restoration efforts is key to build a better future for coral reefs!

This tee is designed by our talented friend and designer/photography wizard Aleks Ol.

Fabric is 100% organic combed cotton which is nice, soft, most important no pesticides or chemicals are used to cultivate this cotton and no microplastic fibers are released into the ocean with this fabric; Plus the ink is water-based, meaning there aren't any heavy metals or petroleum derivatives that are harmful to the planet and us humans, creating a cool eco-friendly shirt.

With your purchase,  you won't be only acquiring a cool and unique tee that is environmentally friendly but you will be supporting directly coral restoration in the Mayan Riviera via our partner program CCRRP.

Make sure to check out our Collaborators page to learn more about the creatives behind these designs.